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India and the World: A Fruitful Relationship

Trust and respect are the hallmarks of a great relationship. This is true for India. The country has established cordial relations with all nations – from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. India always pursues peace and believes in, and works towards, co-operation and dialogue. This has created an atmosphere of development, wherein India sees regular visits from officials and dignitaries of other nations, during which - trade partnerships are set up, new technologies are shared, security measures are implemented, and plans are prepared for future progress of both the countries.
Here is a snapshot of 15 of India’s top trading partner countries. These are the countries that imported the most Indian shipments by dollar value in 2016*.
  • United States: US$42 billion
  • United Arab Emirates: $30.7 billion
  • Hong Kong: $13.2 billion
  • China: $8.9 billion
  • United Kingdom: $8.6 billion
  • Singapore: $7.4 billion
  • Germany: $7.2 billion
  • Vietnam: $6 billion
  • Bangladesh: $5.7 billion
  • Belgium: $5.4 billion
  • Saudi Arabia: $5 billion
  • France: $4.9 billion
  • Netherlands: $4.9 billion
  • Nepal: $4.5 billion
  • Turkey: $4.5 billion